3 Essential Pieces of Brewing Equipment For Home Brewers

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brewing equipment

In general, home brewing is a hobby that requires very few pieces of dedicated brewing equipment to make good beer. I’ve tasted incredible beers made with very simple setups. However there are a few pieces of brewing equipment that could be considered absolutely essential for a brewer to really get the most out of their beer.

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How To Build a Keg Line Cleaner

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keg line cleaner

One of the least fun things about owning a home kegging system is cleaning the beer lines. This can be difficult without a keg line cleaner, and it can be tempting to skip doing it altogether. But then beer sits around in the lines, and can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and yeasts. Not only will these ruin the taste of your brew but they can also make you sick. Keg lines should be cleaned every few weeks – more often if the lines aren’t used regularly. This can be a real hassle if you don’t have a spare keg or a keg line cleaner.

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